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Who I am

Hi! I am Anna.

I am a Russian-Canadian artist and I do intuitive painting.

For me, an artwork starts with a message or just a positive emotion: for example, home, good luck, hope, love, etc. Then, the image gradually takes shape on the canvas. The whole process is guided by the initial concept and intuition. I never know where I will end up. For me, painting is a journey and an adventure. I choose my colours very carefully, listening to my intuition as they play a crucial role in the transmission of the messages and healing frequencies.  

We follow our paths craving for happiness and harmony but we are always set back by social and personal problems, spiritual void and everyday stress. I hope my art can bring some happiness, tranquility and magic into the lives of others.

Some bio

I have a Bachelor’s degree in Arts and Design from the University of Quebec Outaouais. I worked as a Graphic Designer but had to give up my career due to a chronic work-related disease that affected my arms.  After a long recuperation period I slowly turned to painting. 

Starting from 2008, I spent lots of time in Europe where I dedicated myself entirely to artistic exploration. My artwork was exhibited in Spain, Luxemburg, France, Belgium, USA (New York) and Canada. In 2010, the French National Society of Fine Arts selected one of my works for the exhibition in Carrousel du Louvre in Paris. I was honored to participate in this prestigious exhibition as a member of Canadian Delegation. I came back home with the Prix d’Honneur du Salon.

And here is something more

While trying to heal my then totally useless and ever-in-pain arms, I met some healers and clairvoyants. It was the time, then I discovered some extrasensory abilities in myself. Since that moment, they were ever growing and expanding. I was given an amazing gift to sense people's energy and to see the invisible in colours: I could see auras and chakras. After many years of self-teaching, observation and practice I built a chart for accurate interpretation of what I see.

Aura Readings, Guided Mediations, Energy Work and Crystals...Curious? Then go to

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