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Auras and Chakras are not just symbolic metaphysical concepts. They are a manifestation of energy in our bodies. They are as real and present as your heart, your kidneys or any other organ of your body. First images of the energy around objects were registered by the Russian scientist Semyon Kirlian in the beginning of the 20th century and are known as Kirlian photography. Later on, another Russian scientist Dr. Korotkov developed tools allowing to capture and see the glow of biological objects.

In my mid 20s, I met some healers and clairvoyants. This was a turning point in my understanding of the world around us. I also discovered that myself, I have some extrasensory abilities. Since then, they were developing and expanding. I was given a gift to sense the energy, to see auras and chakras, and to download data from other dimensions. I can now share with you precious information about your true nature, offer you spiritual coaching and much more. 


This is not about any religious paradigm or imagination.

This is about our universal source, the universal energy and love. 

Why Aura/Chakra Readings

Your state of chakras and your aura reflect many things about you, so Chakra/Aura Readings can be very powerful. It can show your present state of being, your true nature, your dominant emotions, concepts & beliefs. Chakra/Aura readings can help you gain insight of your internal universe. You will learn about your energy blocks, imbalances or anything else that can be causing obstacles in your life. You will also learn about your individual energy pattern and what it can say about the path you were sent to follow here on Earth. Once you know where the problems in your energy field are, you can take a next step to heal that energy. When you change the whole world changes around you


There’re no judgments during the session. We all fall victim of our environment, of the circumstances in our lives, of our emotions and the whole culturescape. All these tend to weaken or block our chakras and draw out our energy.

Sessions are done online or in person. 

Readings could be done for someone who is not you with his/her photo.

Aura Readings

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