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Why meditation

Science has proven that meditation has many benefits on our mental and physical state. Just 15 minutes of meditation can lower levels of negative feelings, help focus, lessen stress, anxiety and fear, boost creativity and intuition. Additionally, mediation can help to manage pain, lower blood pressure and promote better sleep. 

Meditation is a perfect tool to reboot our energy level, enhance emotional wellbeing and to flow through our day with ease.  

Learn to meditate with me 

I do not teach old fashioned traditional mediation. I teach visualization techniques that help to expand the mind and relax the physical body. 

7 sessions for two levels on:

  1. Energy and chakra cleansing

  2. Love

  3. Gratitude

  4. Forgiveness

  5. Trust and infinite potential

  6. Ideal relationship

  7. Future vision manifestation

Beginner - 7 sessions  - 150$

Advanced  - 7 sessions - 150$

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