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In Person or Online

English or French      

For Children and Adults     

All levels

Welcome to my Private Art and Piano Lessons

Art lessons 

You will learn

  • Drawing

  • Collage

  • Pastel

  • Watercolours

  • Acrylics

  • Line art

  • Graphic art

  • Intuitive art

  • Experimental art

  • Mixed Media

  • How to mix colours

  • How to play with colours

  • How to express our emotions through artwork

  • How to create a painting without planning in advance


1 hour - 20 $

Lessons "Wriggly Kid"

Pencil drawing for children, online

30 min - 15 $

Piano Lessons

I have a degree from a Russian Music School. My studies were loaded with heavy academic notions. I was practicing music pieces that I did not enjoy – they were a part of the classic repertoire. However, I strongly believe that learning piano does not need to be heavy and overloaded with solfeggio or boring music scores. It is a fun journey that can can bring us a lot of joy.

I have many years of experience teaching to both children and adults. I love playing and teaching piano. Just like art, for me, it is another way to connect to a positive energy.

1 lesson - 40 minutes - 25 $

Creative Combo: Music & Art (30 min of piano+1h of art) for 35$

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