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In person or online 

Everybody is initially creative. You too! No matter your age or gender. 

Come and learn how to connect with your intuition and create artwork without an intention to just reproduce a specific object, a person or a landscape. Intuitive painting is an adventure and a journey. I will show you how paint and colours can be an amazing tool in exploring your creativity. 


Private or Semi-Private Classes for Adults 

1 hour - 20 $

Creative painting for children

What your child will learn:

1) How to mix colours

2) How to play with colours

3) How to express our emotions through artwork

4) How to create a painting without planning in advance 

6) How to create objects, animals, flowers, trees, etc. out of a simple doodle or a spot of paint

7) Some techniques of different art mediums 

8) Much more

Private or Semi-Private Classes for Children

1hour - 20 $



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